Create multiple SVG files

In order to make multiple HMI pages just create more *.hmi.svg files in the same folder as index.hmi.svg. No more settings is required.

Create link between pages

You can navigate between pages using "Link" feature. Right-click on any object (e.g. rectangle) -> Create link, right-click again -> Link Properties -> fill in the Href field with:


This object then becomes a hyperlink to another webpage.

Link settings - Target field

  • _blank - opens in new tab or window
  • _parent - opens in parent frame
  • _self - opens in current frame
  • _top - opens in top-most frame
  • frame name - opens in frame called name

For more details see:


There is also example on Multipage HMI available - have a look at "0301-07_Multi-page_HMI" example.