The DEMO licence for RexCore is specifically designed for evaluation, testing, and educational purposes, strictly excluding commercial use. This licence permits all function blocks and drivers except Autotuning Controllers, under a temporal limitation of two hours per execution cycle. Such constraints necessitate a restart for further use, emphasizing the licence's role in facilitating short-term, exploratory activities rather than long-term deployment.

When running in DEMO mode the project files can't be stored permanently to the target device. The project needs to be downloaded to the target device upon every boot.

Upon attempting to utilize RexCore on an unlicenced device, users are directed towards acquiring a DEMO licence through a Connection Dialog. The DEMO licence serves as a gateway for potential users to assess the system's suitability for their specific needs, within a controlled and legally compliant framework.

More details about obtaining the DEMO Licence can be found in Appendix B.1 in every Getting Started Guide (