Understanding the REXYGEN licensing mechanism involves three key elements:

  1. Target Device Identifier (SiteID):
    • The SiteID is the unique identifier for the target device.
    • The REXYGEN runtime core scans the device's hardware at startup to calculate the SiteID.
    • A valid Licence Key (SiteKey) must be present for the user algorithm to initiate.
  2. Licence voucher:
  3. Licence key (SiteKey):
    • Combine the licence voucher with the device's identifier (SiteID) to obtain the Licence Key (SiteKey).
    • This can be done in REXYGEN Studio, REXYGEN DWM, or the REXYGEN licensing server.
    • Application of the licence voucher generates the SiteKey and marks the voucher as redeemed.
    • The SiteKey is permanently linked to a specific hardware device (e.g., Wago PLC, industrial PC, or Raspberry Pi) and is not transferrable to other devices.
    • The licence voucher is a one-time-use item.

The REXYGEN runtime core scans the hardware of the target device at startup and calculates the device identifier (SiteID). It also looks for a valid licence key (SiteKey). Unless it is found, no user algorithm is started.

Usage Guidelines for Your Licence Key:

  • Independence from Operating System:
    • Reinstalling the same type (e.g. 32-bit Raspberry OS) of OS only requires re-entering the SiteKey in REXYGEN Studio during the initial connection.
    • Reactivating from 32-bit OS to 64-bit using the same storage medium is possible.
  • Windows Update Impact on SiteID:
    • Be aware that a Windows update may trigger a change in the hardware identifier (SiteID) even without a physical alteration.
    • In such cases, reactivating the Licence Key (SiteKey) is possible through the REXYGEN licensing server.
  • Storage Medium Replacement:
    • If replacing the storage medium (e.g., hard disk drive or SD card), the hardware identifier (SiteID) changes.
    • Reactivate the Licence Key (SiteKey) through the REXYGEN licensing server to obtain a new SiteKey.
    • Multiple valid SiteKeys for a single device, such as having backup SD cards with licences, are feasible.
  • Hardware Changes:
    • Replacing the CPU module is not allowed and a new licence is needed. 
    • Connecting new hardware (e.g., USB WiFi dongles or Ethernet adapters) may alter the SiteID, but it doesn't impact the Licence Key's validity.

Licence Management:

Retrieving Your Licence Key

If you are searching for the licence key for your REXYGEN-enabled devices, including the corresponding SiteKey, you can conveniently manage them through the dedicated licensing server at https://licensing.rexygen.com.

Licence Reactivation Process

Occasionally, the SiteID of your device may change, rendering the existing SiteKey (licence) invalid. This typically occurs when certain hardware components are altered. While some changes, such as an SD card replacement in a Raspberry Pi, allow for reactivation of the SiteKey with the new SiteID, others, like upgrading the CPU, necessitate obtaining a new licence.

Another scenario where SiteID changes may occur is after a Windows update. This change is attributed to Windows displaying a different hardware identifier post-update, even if there was no physical alteration. In such cases, reactivating the licence is still possible.

To initiate the reactivation process, log in to your account at licensing.rexygen.com. Navigate to "My Devices," locate the specific device by name or original SiteID, and access "Device Details." Look for the "REACTIVATE LICENCES" option. Upon clicking, input the new SiteID and confirm by clicking the "SUBMIT" button.

Summary of Actions:

  • Storage Medium Reflashed / OS Reinstalled:
    • No action is needed; the Licence Key (SiteKey) remains valid.
  • SiteID is changed during Windows Update:
    • Licence Key (SiteKey) becomes invalid and must be reactivated.
  • Storage Medium Replaced:
    • Licence Key (SiteKey) becomes invalid and must be reactivated.
  • CPU Module Replaced:
    • Licence Key (SiteKey) becomes invalid; reactivation is not permitted.

Understanding and adhering to these guidelines ensures effective management of your REXYGEN licences for optimal device functionality.