There are three main elements when it comes to REXYGEN licensing mechanism:

  1. Target device identifier (so-called SiteID)
  2. Licence voucher
  3. Licence key (so-called SiteKey)

The REXYGEN runtime core scans the hardware of the target device at startup and calculates the device identifier (SiteID). It also looks for a valid licence key (SiteKey). Unless it is found, no user algorithm is started.

Obtaining a licence voucher

Obtaining a licence key

  • To get your licence key (SiteKey), you need to combine your licence voucher with the device identifier (SiteID). You can do so directly in REXYGEN Studio or via REXYGEN licensing server.
  • Once your licence voucher is applied, a licence key (SiteKey) is generated and the voucher is marked redeemed.
  • The licence key is permanently tied to a particular hardware device (e.g. Wago PLC, industrial PC or Raspberry Pi). The licence key (SiteKey) contains the same identifiers of your target device which are contained in the the SiteID identifier. Therefore the licence key is not valid for any other device.
  • The licence voucher is a one-shot item and you are not allowed to apply it anymore.

What you can and what you can't do with your licence key

  • The licence key (SiteKey) is independent from operating system, you can reinstall your device with the newest OS image as needed and you just re-enter the SiteKey when connecting to the device for the first time in REXYGEN Studio.
  • If you need to replace the storage medium (a hard disk drive or an SD card), you can do so, but in that case, the hardware identifier (SiteID) changes and you need to reactivate your licence key (SiteKey) via REXYGEN licensing server where you can manage all your licences. This will result in a new SiteKey. That way you can have e.g. 2 SD cards for a single Raspberry Pi, both with a valid licence. This is useful in case of a failure, which prevents the system from booting up. Some of our users keep a spare SD card with a valid licence next to their running Raspberry Pi, so that they can have a backup version up&running in a few seconds.
  • The hardware identifier (SiteID) may also change if new hardware is connected to your device (typically USB WiFi dongles or Ethernet adapters), but this does not affect the validity of your licence key (SiteKey).


  • Storage medium reflashed / OS reinstalled => no action needed, licence key (SiteKey) is valid
  • Storage medium replaced => licence key (SiteKey) becomes invalid and must be reactivated
  • CPU module replaced => licence key (SiteKey) becomes invalid, reactivation is not allowed